United Tribal Network


For Suicidal Depression, Alcoholism, Anger
Domestic Violence, Diabetes

Treat the Body - Heal the Mind

We Are Taking Applications for a Non-Drug Health Treatment Program for Natives
Focusing on Suicidal Depression, Alcoholism, Anger, Domestic Violence, Diabetes

It is NOT for immediate, acute or emergency situations. It will be some months and a slow start.
If you would like to participate, please write us and tell us your health problem from the list above.


Tell us about yourself, your tribal nation, where you live, age, gender,
home life & family you live with, other supportive family members
Your health issue, when it started / how long you've had it,
how often you have it now, do your family members know,
have you gotten any treatment, what treatment, did it help or not help ?


If you are suicidal and need help - please visit SuicideHotlines.com, or call 1-800-273-TALK

USA National Suicide Hotlines
United States of America
For Native Americans, Veterans, Teens, Postpartum, LGBT and more

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
--LifeLine Chat--


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